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Leaving puzzles in my lalaland.


By Eva Chan · November 6, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Early in the morning, sunlight does not shine bright like before. My heart seems to be annoyed by someone who I fairly care about.

I care about my friends pretty much but maybe this time I care too much about him. The connection between us seemed to be pretty smooth and yet, it has become various for these few days. We are not together but I think both of us has gone overboard. I have wondered why we have not moved forward after so many things happened.

With the lack of trust, both of us chose to be right where we used to be. And today, feelings changed. Misunderstanding makes us look dumb. I am not sure whether this should go on or stop right where we are. I admitted that I have made a mistake and he did the same thing. I was treated like a dumbass when I thought he was sincere. Maybe that is why I decided to make him mine when he was doing the same thing to another girl, and I won. 

Winning is not my point but why the hell I am not happy about it? Maybe what he did stung my heart and the scar remains forever. 


Lala Land

By Eva Chan · November 4, 2012 · 0 Comments ·
Lala Land

Brand New Me

By Eva Chan · November 4, 2012 · 0 Comments ·

Today is the forth day of the month. After stepping into the new stage of the world, I found it hard to adapt the interaction between people among the society. I should have done this on the first day but i was a little bit busy with work, so my posting was postponed to be done until today. 

Next year is going to be my superb year because my 21st year is just around the corner. The next level of my life is going to starts soon and I am very exicted about getting to that level. I am not going to talk about my feelings here so soon because before thinking about how to celebrate it, I have tons of responsibilities are awaiting me to handle. 

Anyways, here is my list for this year and next year. I know that there are just less than two months left for this year, but i still need to make a plan before this year ends. 

List 2012

#1 My dad's business- name needs to be spreaded wider, supplying instead of just selling, and I am going to assist to make sure this works out.  
#2 Must achieve my foreign trip award- I must at least gain the trip to Hong Kong. 
#3 Must at least getting into top 20 because I have promised my leader to do so.

List 2013

#1 Own a boutique shop and let my mum to run the business.
#2 Buy a new house 
#3 Let my parents can at least be semi-retired.

These are my goals. I know this will be a very great achievement and yet, before I can even see the destination, I know temptations and obstacles are the main unpredictable things that will try to take me down. So from now on, all the fun that I can have with friends is not going to be in my mind anymore. No more clubs and boys, only business! I am looking right at my target now, and no one can take it away from me. I am a very strong capricorn woman, and also a typical one!

Eyes on goals! Focus! Focus! 

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November 2012

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